Expensive, damaging and wasteful: Qld Government footing the Bill for Galilee rail line

The Queensland Government’s agreement to sink tax-payers’ money into the controversial Carmichael coal project railway line to the Galilee Basin is an expensive waste of money that threatens irreversible damage to water resources in Queensland.

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PM and Premier booed off stage at People’s Bill Debate in Brisbane

Angry constituents booed the PM and the Premier off stage during this week’s Queensland People’s Bill debate for their support of rampant development of coal and coal seam gas in this state.

An angrier Parliamentary Speaker, Mrs Simpson said this sort of behaviour was exactly why she had earlier banned the debate from being held at State Parliament as it “is inconsistent with the dignity of the Parliament”.

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Queensland democracy in action - Lock the Gate event banned from State Parliament

In another example of why Queensland needs a Senate Inquiry, Lock the Gate Alliance has been banned from holding a democratic event at State Parliament.

The group learned last week a ‘People’s Debate’ it planned for Oct 28 “will not be permitted” because it “is inconsistent with the dignity of the Parliament”. 

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