People and communities across Queensland value our common rights and wealth. The clean water, rich farmland, unique wildlife and landscapes of Queensland make us all rich, by supporting our businesses and making our state great. But all is not well. Mining giants and multi-national corporations have so much influence over our government that families and communities are no longer getting a fair go.  Food, water, life - it is all at risk from unsafe and inappropriate coal and gas mining.

Now you can join the movement to restore balance in Queensland and put the public back into the process.


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    Families Hit by Mining

    Ruth Armstrong - farmer at Cecil Plains on the Darling Downs

    “Having your family and community in a gasfield is a worrying thing. The mining companies bring nothing to the table. We’ve asked them, ‘What can you give us?’ and they can’t answer.

    "As a whole this community naively felt this area is so special and so important as an agricultural resource that there’s no way in the world that there’ll ever be mining here; like it’s just stupid.”

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    Queensland Communities

    Communities, families and neighbours are being adversely impacted by inappropriate mining throughout Queensland. Grassroots community groups are springing up all over the state to join the David and Goliath battle. 

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    Glennis Hammond - Resident, Jondaryan

    I moved to Jondaryan to enjoy my twilight years but coal mining has destroyed my life. My house is about a kilometre from the coal stockpile and train line. Millions of tonnes of uncovered coal wagons pass through the town every year and that’s going to increase.

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    Bruce and Annette Currie - farmers Jericho

    Last year Bruce and Annette Currie went to the QLD Land Court to protect their groundwater and therefore their cattle business from a mining development nearby. This huge and courageous effort resulted in a number of extra conditions being placed on the project to monitor and hopefully protect neighbour's groundwater. 

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